Sensible costings

For many individuals, the cost of a funeral is a major source of stress. While there are many aspects of funeral arrangements that can be done in a simpler manner to save on price (such as your choice of casket, or choosing cremation instead of burial), other aspects are more set in stone. Finding sensible costings for your loved one, while still honouring their life.

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Understanding sensible costings in funeral planning:

Flower and Casket — Funeral Service in Taree, NSW

The cost of the funeral?

Depends upon the choices the family make.

The most obvious and understandable question, but one that is not always easy to answer.

There are certain necessary inclusions and certifications required, some of which have fixed costs, and some of which are variable. A cremation funeral service can be much less than a burial, unless the family already has an existing right of burial at a local cemetery, in which case only an opening fee would apply.

A specific answer cannot be given to this question because of the scope of options available. The costs of a funeral are categorised under:

* professional service fees
* Casket choice
* Disbursements, i.e. paid by the funeral director’s on the day of the service on your behalf.

For many of these services,  prices may vary. 

Just ask us and we will work with you to deliver what you and your loved one want in line with your finances.