Pre-arranged & pre-paid funerals in Taree

Although it can be an uneasy experience, organising a pre-arranged or pre-paid funeral is one of the best gifts you can leave behind for your family. 

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During the loss of a loved one, the financial obligations and decisions that need to be made can make a stressful event even more stressful. While there is no way to remove the burden from their shoulders entirely, having your funeral service planned in advance will offer peace of mind. It takes the guesswork out of planning a funeral.


Although Hutchinson Family Funerals is more than happy to take over the planning for any family who finds it too overwhelming, many people find it important to plan a memorial service that their loved one would have liked. When you have a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral, they don’t have to wonder what you would have wanted—you will have your wishes laid out for them in advance.

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What is involved with pre-planned or pre-paid funerals?

You will come to our funeral home and plan out as much of your memorial service as you feel is needed. Some prefer to plan every detail, since then we can simply take over and make it happen without the family having to worry about the details. You can choose whether you want to be buried or cremated, choose a casket, decide on a type of service, and make other decisions in regards to your final send-off. We can walk you through the process to ensure that no details are left unturned. 


In the case of pre-paid funerals, you would also take care of the financial aspects as well, so your family will have nothing left to worry about. We will keep your preferences and record of payment on file to be used when the time comes, no matter how far in advance.